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23 January
by Natalie 23. January 2012 23:06
Rejoiced after the New Year, I was excited to finally get exercising and obtain that same, great feeling I had about my body when I participated in high school sports. I decided to sign up for a class at the UREC. With three labs this semester, my schedule was not very flexible. But, I knew that I needed that extra little push from an instructor and I couldn’t rely on myself to get to the gym every day. I settled on an AM Sunrise Spin/Cycling Session. The class starts at 6AM and last for 75 minutes. Today was my first day at class. Due to snow and the snooze button, I was around 10 minutes late. The class was not what I expected, but I was very impressed. The instructor was upbeat and pushed each of us to our limits. She reminded us that what we put into this class is what we will get out of it. You have the option to alter the resistance of your bike at any time increase the intensity of your ride. Although the instructor pushed us, I never felt uncomfortable or harmed. It was a great way to start out my day. After the class this morning I’m feeling very refreshed. Exercising in the morning is supposed to boost your metabolism and potentially last for 24 hours which so far I would agree with. I have also noticed that I am more alert and paying better attention to details. If I would do anything to change my experience I would have gone to bed earlier so I could have been on time to the class. I plan to be on time for the next class though! I am so excited that I had a good experience and was actually able to wake up. I hope over the course of the semester I see the results of my efforts!


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