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22 September
by Kerri Spangenberg 22. September 2011 16:21

Every semester begins and I remember that I need a few weeks to settle in and determine my routine. Like most, I find that working out is one of the hardest items to find room in my schedule for. Ironically, when working out is done consistently I feel better about all of my other commitments! One way that works for me to consistently be active is by signing up for fitness classes through the Rec Center. By signing up I then feel a sense of commitment both to myself and because I have invested some money as well.

Because I need those first few weeks to determine homework and school patterns, it usually works best for me to sign up during the second fitness session of the semester. Right now, I am looking forward to filling the gaps in my schedule with a fun, stress-relieving class.  Currently there are over 100 class sessions offered per week including TRX, Gravity Pilates, Cycling, Turbo Kick, Pilates, Step, Yoga and Zumba. I am confident that between all of these options I will be able to find one that can wiggle its way into my week days or weekends. Right now I have my eye on a morning cycling class complimented by a weekend yoga break. Ultimately I cannot wait to get back into these fitness classes after this early fall break!

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